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Gearbox problems

Most upcoming problems and malfunctions.

Sooner or later, every gearbox needs overhauling. Usually after problems have allready occurred.

Most common problems and malfunctions:

  • Too little or no synchromesh at all
  • Worn, broken or damaged synchronising rings
  • Synchromesh gear worn or damaged.
  • Read more about synchronisation


Jumps out of gear

  • Worn gear change mechanism
  • Worn synchromesh gears
  • Worn selector fork leakage at the gear-change cylinder (BVH)


Noise/background noise while turning right

  • Incorrect type or insufficient quantity of oil in the gearbox
  • Gearwheel teeth severely worn or damaged
  • Gearwheel teeth severely worn or damaged
  • Distance pieces between gearwheels worn, so that the axial clearance is greatly increased
  • Worn or damaged bearings
  • Worn or damaged crown wheel and pinion


Difficultly with putting into gearbox into gear

  • Worn or damaged synchronised gears
  • Incorrect adjustment of the clutch pedal

Noise background noise when driving round bends

  • Broken wheel bearing or drive shaft
  • Defective or worn differential